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July 13, 2018

63rd Anniversary of Ruth Ellis’s death

…picture taken after an interview with Mimi Harker Obe at Wycombe Sound in High Wycombe about my work on the Ruth Ellis story and much more. Particularly poignant as today, 13 July, is the 63rd anniversary of her death.



May 20, 2018

The Ruth Ellis Tapes

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I wrote the following about Ruth Ellis’s possessions in our book RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE The book was published in 2005.

Ruth Ellis Her Possessions May 2018 (640x580)

Ruth Ellis Her Possessions2 May 2018 (554x640)

I am sure therefore that Muriel Jakubait, having tried relentlessly (with her mother) since 1955 to retrieve Ruth’s belongings including the tape recordings her sister had made, would have been horrified if she had been alive to see  a journalist simply produce the tape in the tv documentary The Ruth Ellis Files 60 years later on BBC4!

TV viewers of ‘The Ruth Ellis Files‘ would have been oblivious of the back-story about Ruth Ellis’s lost possessions, as a journalist handed over a recording of Ruth Ellis. At least I’m still around to see the skulduggery that’s gone on over the last 60 years!

Monica Weller

May 2018

May 2, 2018

The intriguing WPC Frances Garrad

This is an excerpt from Carol Ann Lee’s book “A fine day for a hanging” published in 2012:

“Eventually WPC Frances Garrad arrived. In her 40s, the former parlour maid and bus conductress had joined the force 12 years earlier. She recalled:

A police constable who had been off duty and drinking in the pub brought Ruth Ellis out. He was there when the shooting started…I had to arrange for two PC’s [sic] to look after her. Ruth was very quiet. People said she was drunk, but she wasn’t”.

This is odd. PC Thompson, the off duty police constable who’d been drinking in the Magdala that night, did not bring Ruth Ellis out of the pub. She was already outside when he exited the pub.

And for WPC Frances Garrad to say he [PC Thompson] was there when the shooting started is misleading. He was actually inside the Magdala and did not see the shooting that was going on outside.

When I researched for ‘Ruth Ellis My Sister’s Secret Life’ published in 2005, I could find no reference to WPC Frances Garrad in any files at The National Archives or at the Home Office.

I was therefore intrigued to know where Carol Ann Lee’s information about this WPC came from. So I decided to contact the Metropolitan Police under the Freedom of Information Act in March 2016, and again in April 2018 for further details about Frances Garrad.

On both occasions my request for information was refused. I received the following DECISION each time:

“The Metropolitan Police Service neither confirms nor denies that it holds the information you have requested as the duty in Section 1(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 does not apply by virtue of the Section 40(5) exemption. This response therefore represents a Refusal Notice in accordance with Section 17(1) of the Act. Please see the legal annex for the sections of the Act that are referred to in this letter”.

It took some time and re-reading of the Notes section in Carol Ann Lee’s ‘A fine day for a hanging’ (there is no index) to discover Ms Lee was quoting from an article entitled ‘Frances switched from Clippie to Copper’ published in 2003 in a west country newspaper.

April 19, 2018

Perceptive review of my book on Amazon

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Perceptive review of my book by an unknown reviewer, on Amazon:

“Lots of info that wasn’t in the press at the time. TV program this week (13 March 2018) confirms most of what’s written. If there’s an interest in this lady, then this is a good buy”.

April 11, 2018

Comments on IMDB about The Ruth Ellis Files

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I noticed there are a couple of reviews about The Ruth Ellis Files, for which I was a consultant, on IMDB.

I feel there’s still scope for revealing more of the truth.

It would be interesting to read more comments.

April 8, 2018

Hancock, Howell, Eilbeck

I’ve decided to start researching again.

A couple of characters who were deeply involved with the original stories published about Ruth Ellis have always intrigued me.

There was a 4-part Ruth Ellis life story written by journalist Douglas Howell and published by Jim Eilbeck in the Woman’s Sunday Mirror in July 1955.

And secondly the book ‘RUTH ELLIS, The Last Woman to be Hanged’ by Douglas Howell penned under the name Robert Hancock which was published in 1963.

I’ve uncovered a 1952 profile article about the pioneering female barrister Rose Heilbron, written by Douglas Howell which was inaccurate and sensationalist about her private life. And this was three years before he wrote Ruth Ellis’s so-called life story which has been quoted ever since as factual!

Jim Eilbeck threw himself under a train in 1957.

Excerpt of Robert Hancock’s foreword in his 1963 book ‘Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged’.



April 6, 2018

Article in April Edition of Look Local magazine

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April 5, 2018

Details about the Smith and Wesson Gun

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During my research for RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE published in 2005 I discovered the information about the .38 Smith and Wesson gun which was retrieved at the crime scene in 1955.


29510998_1730778960337193_8959838624598196224_o (800x257)




TV impressions about the Gun

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….Let’s not forget… despite various documentaries’ descriptions and impressions about the ease with which a gun can be fired, Lewis Nickolls, the director in 1955 of the Metropolitan Police Laboratory said in his police statement, and at the magistrates court, that this particular .38 Smith and Wesson revolver required a definite and deliberate muscular effort to pull the “10lb” trigger. Mr Nickolls was not asked to repeat this crucial evidence at Ruth Ellis’s trial.

Sadly (stupidly) Ruth Ellis would not allow her medical history (including details of the rheumatic fever she’d suffered from as a teenager which left her with an arthritic and painful left hand) to be used at her trial. If the condition of her gnarled hand had been checked in relation to the operation of a heavy .38 Smith and Wesson gun, the outcome of the trial would have been very different. The lengths Ruth Ellis went to in order to protect Desmond Cussen were extraordinary.


March 18, 2018

A Hate Triangle in The Ruth Ellis Files?

I read the following Tweet this morning, written by a journalist on a well-known paper, but giving her own opinion about The Ruth Ellis Files. It rather spells out a narrow-minded attitude amongst many whose knowledge of the Ruth Ellis story stems from the likes of the film ‘Dance with a Stranger’ and books published over the years.

“The #RuthEllis investigation on #bbc4 why did they put it on over theee nights? It’s basically a one hour show spread very thin with huge amounts of unprovable speculation . A pity as it could have been a piece of interesting social commentary”.

I replied “The true story is massive! It needs careful handling and a drip-drip approach over a period of time.This documentary,in my opinion,is just a start. Criticism is easy. Thinking outside the box, in connection to assumptions made over the years about Ruth Ellis is more challenging”……then “People thought they knew everything about the Ruth Ellis story that’s been spun over the last 60 years. New evidence has been found. Patching it together is like doing a jigsaw & takes skill. To sceptics it may look like ‘unprovable speculation’.There is much more to come out”.

There’s no doubt that some crime writers in the 1950s, one in particular, did a fantastic job of manipulating the truth about Ruth and pumping out misinformation for the gullible reader. Actually, that’s unkind. The average reader just didn’t know any better. Other writers followed his lead. It’s this twisting of the truth that’s fuelled, and still fuels, scepticism and encourages many to say “conspiracy theorist” about anyone who’s come up with new facts.

Interesting to see David Bickford interviewed in the documentary talking about his uncle John Bickford, Ruth’s solicitor who was chosen for her by Desmond Cussen. What the programme didn’t mention, David was former lawyer to the security services.

According to the programme John Bickford carried out work for the Mirror Newspaper. And we know now from documents that were not available to me for RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE in 2005, that Bickford encouraged his client Ruth Ellis to lie in court.

We have an interesting connection here to the Mirror newspaper: Duggie Howell aka Robert Hancock who wrote Ruth Ellis’s ‘lifestory’ for the Woman’s Sunday Mirror. And just to complete my thoughts for today, and come full circle, Howell/Hancock interviewed Desmond Cussen for his 1963 book about Ruth Ellis.

Is this triangle responsible for the lies spread about Ruth Ellis? Or is this a conspiracy theory?

Monica Weller



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