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January 12, 2018

Keeler, Rice-Davies, Kerr

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…at my talk about Ruth Ellis last night in a village in Surrey.

I can guarantee that whenever I give my talk about Ruth Ellis someone will come up to me afterwards and tell me about their connection to the story.

Last night ran true to form. And the recollection from a member of the audience was extraordinary. It made me think I ought to use these extra titbits that I pick up at my talks.

A mature lady, with immaculate makeup, perfect eyebrows, blusher etc came to my table to buy a copy of RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE. She told me how in 1963 she was introduced to the actress Deborah Kerr who was in a car with two ladies: Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies.

At that time, the lady (from last night) was a makeup artist/beautician and was looking after Christine and and Mandy’s makeup.

But the Deborah Kerr connection is intriguing. Those of you who’ve read my book, will understand.

It’s made me wonder what Ms Kerr was doing in London in 1963, how she was connected to the other two ladies and importantly her interest in Dr Stephen Ward at the time of his trial following the Profumo scandal.


Ruth Ellis White Hart Kerr (500x338)

The White Hart in Brasted, Surrey, an upmarket watering hole frequented by the Battle of Britain pilots during the 2nd World War. Immediately after the war (late 1945/early 1946) Ruth Ellis visited the hotel regularly with her friend Deborah Kerr, her husband to be Tony Bartley and another man.



December 4, 2017

Race meeting featuring David Blakely in 1953

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A new piece of information (not to be reproduced without my permission) that followers of my Ruth Ellis story may find interesting

Extract from a motor racing programme, for which I’ve lost the paper cover. So I’m not sure if it was a race meeting at Silverstone or Goodwood.

The race took place on 25 July 1953.

Event 7 is interesting. No 93 entrant is L Leonard and his driver is DMD Blakely.


Monica Weller

November 15, 2017

Ruth Ellis, a London street and a Guy Burgess connection

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I found the documentary about Guy Burgess on BBC4 a couple of nights ago fascinating:


It seems timely therefore to share the following snippets of information that I wrote here in my blog some years back:

“Ruth’s sister Muriel found her mother’s handbag, tucked away in a chest of drawers. In it was a small, tatty notebook… The notebook tells a revealing story of its own. Phone numbers and addresses of Berta and Arthur Neilson’s friends, also notable journalists of the time Peter Grisewood, Jimmy Reid and Duncan Webb and other contacts that she’d scribbled in fifty years ago…. One London address, in Kensington stood out. After months of research and trawling through electoral registers and directories I realised I hadn’t just found a safe house, I’d found a safe street! I’d uncovered a treasure-trove of spies’ addresses, all in the same Kensington street – some dating back to 1932. As far as I am aware, they [the addresses] have not previously been made public. All the big names in spying were there: Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Menzies, Cowgill, Sinclair ……It strikes me as strange, that Ruth Ellis’s mother had this address in her notebook 50 years ago. …..An early draft of RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE contained this information, but our publishers felt it was complicated and the whole section was dropped..”

October 30, 2017

I’m in a tv documentary about Ruth Ellis this Thursday 2 November

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I became apprehensive about the documentary I’m appearing in (2 November, Yesterday Channel, 9pm) some months ago. As soon as I walked into the blackened room in a London hotel for the interview, with a hard wooden upright chair to sit on, and one vicious bright light full-on my face, I knew then all was not right. Since April I’ve fretted over how the paralysed side of my face will look on camera.

Then last night I watched the Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need on BBC1. It put things into perspective seeing these wonderful, brave, young people coping with what’s been thrown at them in their young lives. It made me cry.

We would do well to learn from them, how blessed we are. Watching these youngsters share precious moments in the countryside was medicine for my selfish, blue mood. It made me grasp and celebrate in my mind how lucky I’ve been. When my face was changed forever 22 years ago as a result of Bells Palsy, I had no idea that it would be the doorway to something special later in my life.

So instead of whingeing at my distorted face, and being misquoted in the documentary, as no doubt I will be, I shall pat myself on the back and say Well done. At last, after 15 years on the case, I’ve had a small opportunity to say something about Ruth Ellis on tv, a story I feel passionate about.

And I’ll look forward to a 3-part documentary about Ruth Ellis in the spring of 2018, in which I’m appearing, which I know will give a balanced view about the last woman hanged in the UK. A programme for which I feel proud to be part of.

Monica Weller



September 6, 2017

Ruth Ellis story on Yesterday Channel

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Ruth Ellis on new series of MurderMaps documentaries…

Yesterday Channel, 2nd November 2017



July 24, 2017

Front Cover

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July 4, 2017

Approaching 13 July 2017

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…62 years since Ruth Ellis was hanged

I remember the day I met Ruth Ellis’s sister Muriel. It was over fifteen years ago. And I took a photograph of her. The photo’s always in my head. It was a special day. The photo marked the beginning of a special friendship. Then I think of her sister Ruth’s death by hanging. It happened quickly. Pierrepoint carried out her killing on behalf of the state. The contrived stories about Ruth’s life continued in national newspapers. And people read them and many believed them. And the establishment covered their tracks and people soon forgot about the hanging. But some didn’t forget despite the brainwashing by the media. And the names of those who knew Ruth Ellis well, slipped into oblivion. But there was no comfort for Muriel or her family. Only the portrait photograph on Muriel’s mantelpiece of Ruth looking beautiful, groomed, before her transformation into the peroxide blonde legend. And in my own way, on 13 July this year, I shall spit in the face of the men who in the words of Muriel’s husband ‘murdered’ Ruth Ellis. But I know it’s not over. Nothing can be rushed because everything happens in its own time. And the Ruth Ellis story has taken time to unravel.

Monica Weller

July 2017


May 21, 2017

Bullet Holes in the Magdala Wall

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Fake story? Why hasn’t this knowledgeable gentleman come forward before now I wonder. The comments at the end of the article are worth reading if you can get through the article which is full of inaccuracies. Similar articles in The Telegraph, Sun and Metro.


May 13, 2017

True Crime Taxi Tour

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“A True Crime tour….on the trail of Ruth Ellis”


Talk about knowledge! London and UK Taxi Tours knows a lot about the notorious case of Ruth Ellis, who was found guilty and hanged in 1955 for murdering her lover David Blakley outside the Magdala public house in Hampstead, north London. Ray Coggin drove us around all the haunts from Knightsbridge to Hampsead that had been frequented by this notorious pair, with a running commentary about the story…all the intricate nooks and crannies, Ray brought the story from over 60 years ago to life. To anyone interested in true crime, particularly the story of the last woman to be hanged in the UK, this tour is a must. I thoroughly recommend it.

Visited May 2017


Edward C wrote:

Enthused by learning more about the case of Ruth Ellis and the murder of David Blakely I took a trip in Ray’s taxi and I was not disappointed. Part of me wondered how Ray would mould a tour around what was effectively a quick one off murder in Hampstead but it soon became clear that Ray was keen on telling the bigger picture….

I was transported into the world of post war London, of after hours clubs, cads and call girls. Where bohemians, gangsters and the secret service mixed in (dis)harmony. Ray’s knowledge is epic and he even through in some sites not related to the Ruth Ellis case.

I thoroughly recommend!

and for more info about Ray’s tour:



February 25, 2017

Thanks to my American friend for creating this special copyright poster

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