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July 24, 2017

Front Cover

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July 4, 2017

Approaching 13 July 2017

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…62 years since Ruth Ellis was hanged

I remember the day I met Ruth Ellis’s sister Muriel. It was over fifteen years ago. And I took a photograph of her. The photo’s always in my head. It was a special day. The photo marked the beginning of a special friendship. Then I think of her sister Ruth’s death by hanging. It happened quickly. Pierrepoint carried out her killing on behalf of the state. The contrived stories about Ruth’s life continued in national newspapers. And people read them and many believed them. And the establishment covered their tracks and people soon forgot about the hanging. But some didn’t forget despite the brainwashing by the media. And the names of those who knew Ruth Ellis well, slipped into oblivion. But there was no comfort for Muriel or her family. Only the portrait photograph on Muriel’s mantelpiece of Ruth looking beautiful, groomed, before her transformation into the peroxide blonde legend. And in my own way, on 13 July this year, I shall spit in the face of the men who in the words of Muriel’s husband ‘murdered’ Ruth Ellis. But I know it’s not over. Nothing can be rushed because everything happens in its own time. And the Ruth Ellis story has taken time to unravel.

Monica Weller

July 2017


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