Searching for the Truth about Ruth Ellis By Monica Weller – All details and photographs on my blog are Copyright

July 2, 2012



Ruth Ellis was hanged on 13th July 1955 for a murder she did not commit. There had been a cover up.

In June 2003 the Appeal brought by Ruth’s sister Muriel Jakubait was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, in front of Lord Justice Kay, Mr Justice Leveson and Mr Justice Silber. There was a re-run of the 1955 court case – and another cover up. What went on behind the scenes was disgusting.

Also at the Appeal was Miss Jean Southworth who sat in the front row of Court number 4 facing the judges. Miss Southworth and Mr M Griffith-Jones had been part of the 1955 prosecution team led by Christmas Humphreys.

On 13 July 2012,  it will be 57 years since Ruth Ellis was hanged for a crime she did not commit. Let us not forget her.


  1. THE JUSTICE LEVESON ? Let’s hope Leveson deals with his own inquiry better than he apaprently did in the above 1955 re-run of the Ruth Ellis court case.

    Comment by IAN PAYNE — August 25, 2012 @ 11:16 am | Reply

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