November 8, 2016

Another Ruth Ellis connection….Herefordshire!

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Extraordinary how things happen. We’ve been in Herefordshire for a few days, 150 miles from home, staying in a gorgeous black and white cottage in the ancient village of Eardisland.

The owner came in for a cuppa with us and we got chatting. She told us how some years ago she used to live near Westerham in Kent. I, of course, told her about the Ruth Ellis connection with the town. She (the cottage owner) explained she lived in a cottage close to a pub in Crockham Hill, just outside Westerham, and had no idea about a Ruth Ellis connection. She was intrigued.

I explained to her that that was the village where I’ve discovered Ruth Ellis stayed in the very early 1950s.

Even more extraordinary, it’s possible that our Herefordshire cottage owner (total stranger to me) may have actually lived in the very same cottage in Crockham Hill as Ruth Ellis. Until I told her about Ruth Ellis’s stay there, our cottage owner had no idea about the connection.

November 1, 2016

Ruth Ellis play BBC Radio4 on 5/10/16

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Amanda Whittington’s play about Ruth Ellis, The Thrill of Love, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 5th November. Click on the link below for more details.



Three years ago I was asked to write a piece for the programme of The Thrill of Love when it was staged at St James theatre in London:













My new book INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson


October 20, 2016

Photos from a fan of my Ruth Ellis blog

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Hopefully this gent will make a comment about the pics



October 14, 2016

Wimpole Muse blog

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I have left a comment on this blog. See what you think.

As usual, oodles of my original findings from my book and blog, and not credited properly.



Various credits have now been made by the author. A troll has added his two pennyworth to my comments.

October 8, 2016

Ruth Ellis, born 9th October 1926

 Ruth Ellis 1926 – 1955

Today, 9th October 2016, Ruth Ellis would have been 90 years old.



‘Murder Casebook: Ruth Ellis’ – this tv documentary presented by Fred Dinenage (click on link below) was repeated, yet again, within the last week.

It  is an example that if something is repeated often enough and with authority, we tend to believe it. This can be very dangerous.

1.59 minutes into the documentary comes the first inaccurate statement: we are told in 1926, when Ruth Ellis was born, her father was a jobbing musician. This is not true. Arthur had already given up as a musician!

6.25 minutes in, comes the second inaccurate statement, in which it is alleged Ruth Ellis applied for a job at The Camera Club in London to be a photographer’s model. She did not apply for a job there. She was never on the club’s list of models. She was taken to The Camera Club to be photographed by a member of the club.

The inaccuracies in this documentary, which in my opinion is more like detective fiction, continue. For my own reasons I will not spell all of them out here.

However, I will point out one very interesting inaccuracy.

It occurs at 26.59 minutes into the show when Fred Dinenage and criminologist Prof David Wilson are staging a ‘re-enactment’ of the shooting…in this case a fixed target was set up outside. Because the two men could not use the .38 Smith and Wesson gun which Ruth Ellis allegedly used to kill David Blakely, they used a similar gun. Immediately, Dinenage automatically takes hold of the gun in his two hands, arms outstretched, exactly how anyone using a gun of this kind would hold it.

But Ruth Ellis was not a man with big hands like the experts on the film! She had tiny hands, one of which was gnarled as a result of contracting rheumatic fever when she was a teenager. The bone around her left hand finger joints had been totally destroyed. And Ruth Ellis was not shooting a fixed, circular target…she was apparently shooting at Blakely, a moving target, and from a distance. Only one shot was fired at point blank range ie less than 4cm from the body.

Ruth Ellis could not have used both hands in the way Dinenage correctly demonstrated the method of shooting the gun in question.

Nor, for the sake of argument, could Ruth have fired the gun with just one hand; this particular gun would have been far too big and heavy in her tiny hands, and it was not an automatic. It needed two-handed action.

Despite Dinenage’s shooting practice in the film, using two hands to hold the gun with arms outstretched, Ruth Ellis is still portrayed in the film as firing the gun using one hand only.

Things don’t stack up!





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August 11, 2016

My book available from Chorleywood Bookshop

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Chorleywood Bookshop currently has a few copies of the 2015 reprint of RUTH ELLIS, My Sister’s Secret Life  – they are signed by me.

Chorleywood Bookshop



January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

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…wishing all followers of my blog, all over the world, a happy, peaceful, and healthy new year.

I will continue in my search for the truth about Ruth Ellis and will present my latest findings here on my blog.

In return I trust that my followers will show respect for my copyright research.

If you want to comment on my blog please also give your proper name and email address. Your email address will not be shown.

Thank You.

Monica Weller


November 26, 2015

My Ruth Ellis talk last night at Westminster Archives

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For three years, on and off, between 2002 and 2005 I used to traipse up to London by train and Tube to the City of Westminster Archives Centre in St Ann’s St where I’d do research for my Ruth Ellis book. https://www.westminster.gov.uk/archives

There I’d delve into electoral registers, Rate books and all sorts of ancient stuff in the hope I’d uncover information about people and places in the story about the last woman to be hanged in the UK.

Last night things came full circle… I was invited to give my talk about Ruth Ellis at Westminster Archives by Joanna Moncrieff. She is a qualified City of Westminster Tour Guide who leads walks around Westminster. Thank you Jo for getting me the gig!

And there’s another huge thank you to Raymond Coggin. He’s a London taxi cab driver and a qualified Taxi Guide with London and UK Taxi Tours. http://londonanduktaxitours.london/. Not only did he pick me up in his taxi at Victoria railway station with all my gear for the talk, and drive me to St Ann’s St – he also drove me all the way back to Bookham in his taxi afterwards. That was pretty special and very kind. And…on the way back he stopped off in Wandsworth where I had my first ever takeaway chips from McDonald’s! Wa’hay. Thank you so much Ray.

May 4, 2015

Photos from Classic Crime conference in London, 2 May 2015

Two photographs taken by Alex King at the Classic Crime Conference last Saturday, 2nd May. The first one shows me after my presentation with Raymond Shaw, master of ceremonies at the conference. Raymond is a former President of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association and through his continued involvement in that organisation has represented solicitors in meetings with the senior Judiciary and the Crown Prosecution Service. He actively campaigns against the “government’s continued assault on legal aid and access to justice.” Ruth Ellis True Crime Conference 2 (2) (800x581) Ruth Ellis True Crime Conference 1 (2) (800x591)

April 25, 2015

Casebook Classic Crime London Conference – Saturday 2nd May

http://www.timezonepublishing.com/casebook-classic-crime True Crime Conference 2015 poster

A week to go and not sure whether to be quietly excited or scared stiff!

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