May 30, 2016

Fred Dinenage’s Ruth Ellis documentary, again!

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Thanks to Fred Dinenage’s television documentary about Ruth Ellis, shown yet again yesterday evening, visits to my blog have soared.

Let’s hope that new followers to my blog will realise that what they saw on tv was fiction!

Ruth Ellis Daily Mail March 2016 (2) (1024x897)

Monica Weller

May 11, 2016

Request under Freedom of Information Act

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About three months ago I made a request to the Metropolitan Police under the Freedom of Information Act. During recent research I discovered the name of one of the police officers that drove Ruth Ellis to Hamsptead police station following the shooting of David Blakely on 10th April 1955. I have also found information about another police officer on duty that night.

I requested copies of service records from the Met for both individuals.

Today I received a phone call from someone at the Met. She later confirmed in an email:


The Metropolitan Police Service neither confirms nor denies that it holds the information you have requested as the duty in Section 1(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 does not apply by virtue of the Section 40(5) exemption.  This response therefore represents a Refusal Notice in accordance with Section 17(1) of the Act.  Please see the legal annex for the sections of the Act that are referred to in this letter.

This, to me, is odd. My book, INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson, was published today. During my research about the murder which happened in 1966, I requested service records from the Met for two police officers involved in the case. The records were sent to me without any trouble.

Why therefore am I not allowed to see records of police officers involved in a case 11 years before Dr Davidson’s murder?

May 8, 2016

Article in Sunday Express

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Here’s a link to an article about my new book in today’s Sunday Express:


April 12, 2016

“Remarkable book”


Someone mentioned this review of our book by LD on Amazon. I felt I should share it with readers of my blog:

“This is a remarkable book. Unlike some other reviewers, I do not find this book badly written. On the contrary I think that the freelance writer that assisted Muriel Jakubait has done a good job of shining a light into a very dark and complex corner of British history whilst preserving the simple, ordinary voice of a woman who has been forced to wake up from the semi-conscious ignorance of a by-gone era to a very painful consciousness of the evil that man is capable of and the treachery of her own country. This is more than just the story of Ruth Ellis from the point of view of her own sister, it is an exposé of the hidden side of the British psyche – a contribution to the explanation of how we managed to spawn creatures like Jimmy Savile and why our country is infested with child abuse, corrupt policing and broken government.

For those people who think that Muriel’ s account of the sexual abuse she and Ruth suffered at the hands of their own father does not ring true then I suggest they read the papers more closely and study the photograph of this man published in the book with a little more attention. Muriel’s own struggle to see her family as respectable against the evidence of her terrible childhood experiences, to me, were a moving testament to her desperate efforts to counter the image pushed in the media of the family and of Ruth as being, common and worthless. The family was surely dysfunctional but the efforts to reach upwards and out of poverty and ignorance ultimately pushed Ruth towards destruction and Muriel towards truth out of love for her sister. This is no sugar-coated, flowery love but real and flawed love that nevertheless sees Muriel achieve a level of understanding that raises her above the academic and ironically from a docile almost bovine trust in those around her to the position of being accused of being a conspiracy theorist. This family was dysfunctional but certainly no more dysfunctional than many and certainly not worthless. There is however the uncanny feeling throughout the book that they were somehow stalked by evil – it transpires, for instance that one childhood home backed onto that of Lesley-Ann Downey’s ( the little girl murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley) mother

The upshot is that Muriel believes, and provides some convincing evidence, that Ruth’s demise was engineered by the British Establishment because she knew too much about something – possibly related to the brewing spying scandals of the time. This is not as incredible as it sounds. She did not come to this conviction easily but was pushed by events to realise that reality was not as she thought it was. Take the trial for instance – you would imagine that in a country on the verge of abolishing the death penalty, which was increasingly condemned as barbaric, that the legal Establishment would take an avoidant attitude to this drastic sentence. In this case the trial took place two months after the offence, took one and a half days during which Judge Havers instructed the jury that they could not consider a verdict that took into account provocation thus effectively telling them they must convict on premeditated murder (hanging) or nothing. The Establishment wanted rid of Ruth Ellis. The question is, why?

It can get confusing – many names, dates, places – but this type of book often is. It is useful to read this in conjunction with How The English Establishment Framed STEPHEN WARD by Caroline Kennedy and Phillip Knightley as it provides a lot of further information about events of the time and how the “Establishment” may operate particularly in terms of corruption of our core institutions. But when it comes to an instinctual feel for what was really going on, I would trust Muriel. Stephen Ward is undoubtedly a central character in what happened to Ruth Ellis and contrary to the Rex Harrison, Pygmalion-style gentleman character portrayed by Kennedy and Knightley, Ward was grooming young, vulnerable women from dysfunctional families for some reason which still remains unclear to me and at least some of these women came to very unpleasant ends.

Finally, if you want to start building up a picture of the murky world from which Jimmy Savile and Dolphin Square emerged , books like these provide invaluable historical insights.”

March 4, 2016

Daily Mail article about Ruth Ellis in Lady Godiva Rides Again

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Following on from my complaint to the Daily Mail (see my Post of 26 February) about their article published on 23 February about Ruth Ellis in the 1951 film ‘Lady Godiva Rides Again’ in which I received no credit for my book or blog from which they uplifted information without my permission, I’m pleased to say my updated story has been published today in both the Daily Mail (p 62) and the Scottish Daily Mail:


Daily Mail Friday 4 March 2016

Ruth Ellis Daily Mail March 2016 (2) (1024x897)


Monica Weller


February 26, 2016

Ruth Ellis in Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951)

The information about Ruth Ellis’s appearance in the 1951 film Lady Godiva Rides Again was not known about until I uncovered it whilst ghost writing our book RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE. It was not common knowledge. Not even Muriel Jakubait knew about her sister’s role in the film. This new finding appeared exclusively in our book. Since 2005 when the book was published I began this blog Searching for the Truth about Ruth Ellis. It was originally based on 6 articles I wrote for True Detective magazine and is my platform to share with readers my continuing research and new first hand information I have uncovered.

I make it clear that everything on my blog is copyright. I am disappointed therefore, that whoever wrote the article below (that has been brought to my attention) has not only used my work, but has not credited me, my blog, or our book RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE.

I’ve subsequently found out (as mentioned in a comment below) that the piece appeared in a Question and Answer section in the Daily Mail on Tuesday February 23rd on page 51. Sections of this blog have been transferred, wholesale, in to the ‘Answer’.

Perhaps Caroline Jacks of Wheatley, Oxon, whose name appears at the end of the piece would like to contact me. Thank you.

Monica Weller

DD a (603x1024)


February 14, 2016

The Magdala closes

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The Magdala public house in Hampstead has closed.


Magdala1 (2) (537x800)

Above – Magdala window through which an off-duty police officer, inside, allegedly saw Ruth Ellis outside prior to the shooting





The press had already found Ruth Ellis guilty before she stepped inside the Old Bailey at the beginning of her trial.

Magdala3 (581x800)

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

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…wishing all followers of my blog, all over the world, a happy, peaceful, and healthy new year.

I will continue in my search for the truth about Ruth Ellis and will present my latest findings here on my blog.

In return I trust that my followers will show respect for my copyright research.

If you want to comment on my blog please also give your proper name and email address. Your email address will not be shown.

Thank You.

Monica Weller


December 20, 2015

Leatherhead Advertiser 17 December 2015

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leatherhead ad december 2015 (647x800) (2)

December 13, 2015

Ruth Ellis’s Letters – The Set Up

Part Four

One thing comes to mind at this point….a day in 2002 when I was interviewing Muriel Jakubait, Ruth Ellis’s elder sister. She told me how she’d had a phone call from Ruth; she thought it must have been some weeks before Blakely’s murder and while she was living in Egerton Gardens in London. Muriel said Ruth was in a state and told her that she was being “set up”. Muriel didn’t understand what Ruth meant and couldn’t remember any more about the conversation. As I was unable to uncover any more detail to back up this circumstantial evidence I felt I could not include the reference to the conversation in the manuscript of our book. But I did promise myself that if the occasion arose I would mention it. Thirteen years after that conversation with Muriel, and with my additional research, I believe the time is right.


Ruth Ellis was observed in Holloway prison around the clock from the day she entered Holloway Prison Hospital on 11th April 1955 to the moment she stepped out of the condemned cell to be hanged on 13 July 1955.


Evelyn Galilee was Ruth’s wardress who guarded Ruth while she was in the condemned cell and was with her from very early on the morning of her execution. Evelyn (217x300) (2) (145x200)

Evelyn spoke to me following the publication of RUTH ELLIS, MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE. One of the facts challenged by Evelyn’s eyewitness account is the authenticity of letters that Ruth Ellis apparently wrote and sent from the condemned cell.

Ruth Ellis letter3

Firstly, all the letters allegedly written by Ruth, were written in pen. Evelyn told me categorically that “No prisoner in the condemned cell was allowed to use a pen, everything had to be written in pencil and was strictly supervised.”

Also, the “Letter officer” at Holloway prison would have blanked out names on letters that Ruth sent from prison, yet names are clearly mentioned in Ruth’s correspondence.

Finally, in Ruth’s letter dated 12th July 1955, to Mr Simmons, her original solicitor, she refers to remarks made by David Blakely’s brother in a newspaper article following her trial. Evelyn informed me that, “No prisoner in the condemned cell was allowed access to a newspaper or its contents.”

In 2007 I managed to trace a relation of Mr Simmons, who with Mr Mishcon had visited Ruth Ellis in the condemned cell at Holloway prison at midday on 12 July 1955 the day before she was executed. The relation told me on the phone that Mr Simmons had received “the most extraordinary letter” from Ruth Ellis written just before she was hanged. “He kept it preciously. But it disappeared sometime in the 1970s”. Mr Simmons never saw it again.

Were these letters (not accounted for in the Hospital Case Papers) allegedly written by Ruth Ellis to her solicitors Mr Mishcon and Mr Simmons on 12th/13th July 1955, produced by someone who had received training in the technique of faking handwriting? If so, it’s unthinkable. And who was that someone?

Monica Weller


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